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Crystal Therapy for the Womb







Practitioners' CPD

 Facilitated by

accredited associate teacher

Minnie Mulvey &  sanctuary founder Angie Twydall



Tuesday 16th July, Wednesday 17th July and Thursday 18th July 2024 - applications closed


Includes accredited certificate after successful completion of all required coursework and case studies .issued by the

Sanctuary of Sophia

The Sanctuary of Sophia threads cooperation and mutual support with the Temple of Avalon, Glastonbury, UK.

Module 1

Distance Learning

Part 1:

  • Learn about crystals in womb-space therapeutics.

  • Learn about each crystal used.

  • Find out about caring for your crystals.

Part 2: 

  • Find out about applying knowledge of 'Womb Maps' and A&P in crystal therapy.

  • Learn about the use of crystals on the body and crystals in the energy field.

  • Find out about the Indications and Contraindications for crystals in therapy.

Part 3:

  • Take an online assessment to apply the knowledge you have gained.

  • On successfully completing the assessment be invited to the in-person course.

2013-03-22 16.30.03.jpg

Module 2


Day 1:

  • Recap of Module 1

  • Basic 'Womb Map' and A & P - Recap

  • Womb Energetics - Recap

  • Crystals in womb-space therapy​

Day 2:

  • Crystal Grids & Layouts

  • Crystal Journeying & Client Care​

  • Practice Sessions

  • Ceremonies

Day 3:

  • Crystals with other therapies

  • Practical Observed Sessions

  • Q & A​

  • Guidance for Case Studies

After the Course:

  • Case Studies

  • Completion Certificate

Who is this course suitable for?

  • You maybe already be a massage therapist, a body worker or healer. You may have been on a womb healing journey yourself and want to know more, to help others.

  • You may have a been running women's circles/groups and working with clients for womb healing.

  • You may be a Priestess Healer or Shamanka looking to add new skills.

  • You are used to sitting in a sisterhood circle, sharing, listening and have awareness of your own energies and emotions.

  • You may wish take this course for your own personal self-development and womb healing.                                                    


The timing of this course is NOT suitable for you if:-

  • You need/expect 1-1 attention - please have a therapy session before attending the training​​​​

  • If you are unable to take self-responsibility for your feelings/emotions and triggers

  • If you are alone and without support from family/friends/therapists​

  • You are undergoing intensive medical treatments or psychological therapies (please discuss any questions on this in your pre-registration chat)

Crystal Cover.jpg

Application Process

Contact Angie via chat here, fb messenger or via email:

Interviews with Angie and/or Minnie will be carried out online via phone, Skype or zoom calls.

Places limited to 13 to ensure a magical blend of attention and group energetics.

Overview of course content

  • Womb Healing with Crystals: Layouts, Grids, On-Body, and Off-Body

  • Recap of the Womb Medicine Wheel

  • Use of the crystals with elements in womb healing

  • Womb-heart breath-work – preparation with clients for deep process work

  • Pelvic Chalice – basic A&P

  • Crystalline Attunement with the Lemurian Seed Crystals

  • Shamanic Journeying & Enchanted Storytelling. Guided visualisations – to deepen and access lunar consciousness, how to create your own for use with clients

  • Trauma awareness – what to look for, how to help, and when to refer

  • 13th womb rite – group ceremony where you receive this ancient rite and transmission

  • Optional on-line support group after completion of training – a place for supervision, peer support and exchange of ideas (additional fee may apply)

Full cost of 3 day non-residential training is £593

Payment plans available if needed - discussed at interview with Angie & Minnie.

Where Will I Get My Crystals and other Tools?

Minnie will be providing a set of Initial Womb Therapy Crystals to each participant and other crystals will be available for purchase at the course.

The crystals Minnie has were nearly all hand-selected by her or a family member. She rarely uses any stones that she has not seen and felt in person, unless she really knows a supplier well.

Angie will provide a selection of Goddess energy sprays and oils which can assist in your therapeutic process.

Minnie will offer her Crystal Cards for purchase among other products for crystal care etc.


About Minnie

Minnie has been a Vibrational Therapy practitioner-teacher since 2003. Working with Crystals, Colour, Sound, and Magnetic Therapies. She spent years diving into the feminine healing dimensions on her own journey and met Angie along that pathway as they did some training together. Minnie is also an herbalist, chakra dancing and meditation facilitator and a Reiki practitioner.

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