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13th womb rite

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Munay-ki: The 13th Rite

The womb is to create and give

birth to life.

The Rite of the Womb is a beautiful rite that was gifted to Marcela Lobos from a lineage of Medicine Women in the jungles of Peru. It is the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.

The Rite is connected to the divine feminine energy, to the 13 moons of the year and the cycle of women’s wombs. It is for womb healing, also for your connection to Mother Earth.

This rite may be received by all women of all ages including pre-menarche girls.

The Rite of the Womb is gifted in beautiful ceremony which will include connecting with our ancient lineages.

As a Womb Priestess Angie offers the rite 1:1, for Mothers and Daughters, Sisters,  Friends and groups. 

Men may also receive this rite if it is needed for their healing, also 1:1 or with partners.

The invited exchange for this is £85 per person.

There is no requirement to have received the 9 Munay-ki Rites before receiving

the Rite of the Womb.

Allow 1 hour for your Ceremony of the Rite of the Womb, this is for up to 2 people receiving. Longer for groups.

To book, find out more about this beautiful offering please use the chat on the website or call 01598 753525

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Swallowed Keys

"We locked up our wisdom into our bones

And swallowed the keys

They sank into our rivers of blood

And we forgot the maps

Because we had to forget the mysteries

To keep them safe.

We wove our hair into brooms

And swept over our paths

And then burned the earth with our rage

We didn’t teach our children

It was the only way to protect them,

we thought

But in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys

And told them stories and riddles and songs

With no roots, just tangled threads

That would take years to unwind

Just enough time

For the rains to fall again

And put out the fires

For the dams to break

For the rivers to flood

For the paths to be walked again

For the soil to breathe

And as the old bones crumble

Deep beneath the rubble

We find we’ve always had the keys

Our stories and our maps

Our paths are revealed to some

And the seeds grow again

The threads are unspun

And woven again."

~ Amara Bronwin Hollow Bones

– excerpt from We’Moon 2012

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