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Trauma Informed Wellbeing Coaching

At the Psychologist

As well as hands-on womb healing and shamanic energy work, Angie also offers trauma informed wellbeing coaching.

To help you connect and see if this is right for you book a FREE 13 minute call here 

Wellbeing coaching helps you get better clarity for your healing, to move forwards, enhance your lifestyle and healing and opening up to a range of choices that as a client you may not have considered. Over the years, patterns emerge, and as a therapist Angie is able to help you untangle knots and webs and smooth out, through making changes in your life.

Trauma informed wellbeing coaching for womb health is powerful innovative approach and helps you as an individual have a be-spoke and personalised approach to moving forwards. The coaching ensures you are able to find your inner resources, take self-responsibility and make sifts in the long term and short term.

You will be supported through your choices, and gain insights into other ways to heal. A truly holisitic approach is needed for longterm patterns of disease and ill health. We work together to get to the root cause of your issues that are affecting your womb health, and together create a foundation for you to grow from.

In a session you will be 

  • encouraged to become empowered

  • Explore the root cause 

  • share tools to take personal responsibility

  • learn self-soothing techniques to cope with triggers and disassocaition

  • help you gain clarity and access what you need

  • see positive changes and shifts by being accountable

 Sessions are 1-3 hours agreed in advance, booked in blocks of 4 sessions

 Available in person 1-1 on Exmoor and in Glastonbury UK. Online via zoom








What clients say!


Angie has helped me in so many ways, I couldn’t be more grateful.  She has opened my mind to evaluate my life as a whole, and to pin point areas that require attention.  I have suffered with anxiety since I was a child and Angie’s appointments have improved my anxiety problems radically. I feel like a new woman!"


I highly recommend Angie – my healing hero.  Love you Angie!

Sliding scale of fees

Income over £40,000 fees £380 per hour

Income over £20,000 fees £120 per hour

Income over £15,000 fees £80 per hour

Income below £15,000 £60 per hour

For low income, we offer select bursary coaching places. Please email to discuss this as an option. We reply on donations from training's and talks to help make this happen. Please donate 

For more details please message via chat or email 

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