Foundress, Teacher & Therapist

Angie Twydall is a Therapist, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Bee Keeper and Priestess with over 20 years healing experience. She blends together the combination of practical and grounded experiences in the working world, together with a magical, liminal life of living in the wilds of Exmoor, England.

Angie is a sensitive intuitive, soul healer and workshop facilitator, helping others to release deeply held emotions and wounding’s. She is trained in many different healing lineages; Grail Mystery School, Celtic Priestess of Rhiannon, Dragon lineages. Her healing work is supported by teachings from NFSH, Reiki, Shamanic, sexual and emotional healing, the Path of Love & Sacred Union. 


Angie works with Goddess Healing energy and shamanic practices 1-1 at the Sanctuary and in Glastonbury. 


Angie regularly facilitates the Red Tent Moonlodge currently online; sacred mystery sharing circles for women. As part of the wider Goddess community, she is a Ceremonalist at the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

Another passion of Angie's is the Honey Bee - she currently has a Bee Temple and Exmoor Apiary where natural and sacred bee keeping is taught in person and online. The Bee Oracle deck, a 2 year project manifested back in 2019 is currently available through her bee keeping and online shop

Most recently Angie has developed three CPD training's for therapists - Shamanic Womb Massage and Womb Healing Tuning Forks courses and newly developed Yoni Steaming, Sacred Anointing and Womb wrapping Now booking for Autumn 2021 courses.

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