Shamanic Womb Massage


Training Course Facilitated by Angie Twydall


Shamanic Womb Massage, Glastonbury



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Shamanic Womb Massage - accredited by IICT 2019 


Includes attendance certificate issued by the Sanctuary of Sophia.


"The womb is a spirit door, a winged gateway, a portal. In our living memory the 3rd eye has taken over as the main energetic centre. This masculine mind control polarising thoughts and creativity, stopping our feminine lunar flow of intuition and trust. There is a worldwide group of visionary men and women reclaiming the womb as a healing chakra."

Once the womb opens the rest of the energy system flowers and blossoms. The Womb Medicine Wheel, also known as the Womb Cross is the core foundation of Shamanic Womb Massage Training. Together with massage techniques from the School of Abdominal Sacral Massage we incorporate shamanic journeying, vibrational healing and elemental alchemy.


During womb healing sessions with women Angie (the founder of this training) noticed women were passing easily through the womb portal and were able to harness the keys to healing through touch, sound, and release.


This is an exciting, intuitive way of working with clients and now for the first time in the UK

it is being shared. The deep healing accesses the layers of somatic structure of the body bringing up layers of trauma memories and wounding.

When combined with Goddess Healing (based on the Healing Wheel of the Goddess, founded by Angie Twydall) there is a map for therapists, but there is no fix, like a mechanic with a car. When flowing with Goddess healing energy everything opens up. As a therapist and healer your presence and intention opens the gateways. This is taught by transmission on this course.

Who is this course suitable for?

You maybe already a massage therapist, a body worker or healer. You may have been on a womb healing journey yourself and want to know more, to help others.

It is recommended you already have a massage qualification, or have studied with Helen before attending my course.

The skills I teach will be additional to any massage and physical skills you already

have and are insured for.

But you may also take this course for your own personal development and womb healing.

Application Process

Applications via email:

Interviews will be carried out online via phone, Skype or zoom calls

Places limited to 13 to ensure a magical blend of personal attention and group energetics.


3 day overview of course content

  • Womb Medicine Wheel – also known as the Womb Cross, and its association to the womb and yoni.

  • Gateways to the womb

  • Pelvic Chalice – basic A&P

  • Elemental Alchemy – use of the elements in womb healing

  • Womb massage techniques – includes the solar front body, umbilicus and emotional armouring and the sacrum on the lunar back body

  • Letting go – colon and toxins

  • Womb-heart breathwork – preparation with clients for deep process work

  • Introduction to the Sacred sounds of the Womb – toning to the yonic gateway’s as a key to healing

  • Goddess Healing – Attunement and transmission to the lineages from the Temples of Isis in Egypt, Ixchel-Maya Medicine woman of childbirth and fertility and the Ladies of the Lakes, the Magdalene.

  • Guided visualisations – to deepen and access lunar consciousness, how to create your own for use with clients

  • Trauma awareness – what to look for and how to help

  • 13th womb rite – group ceremony where you receive this ancient rite and transmission

  • Optional on-line support group after completion of training – a place for supervision, peer support and exchange of ideas (additional fee applies)




My God! The womb is a journey into a deeper, sacred place and

a key for humanity to be healed, balanced and at peace!

Thanks for your alignment Angie, I feel blessed to be a part of it

and to have received your great knowledge.

Thank you

~ N. M France

It went beyond my expectations. I could not have wished for

the space to be held more lovingly and full of such passion for

this work. Eternally grateful! From this course I have left with

the deepest “yes” to continue with Angie’s offerings and spread

this beautiful work around the world.


~ AL Wells

Thank you for this beautiful container and for sharing these

teachings with us. It was a beautiful mix of personal womb

healing from receiving and getting a proper feel of giving womb

massage to others, and what it is possible to heal with this

practice. Thank you!


~ N Oakspring Finland

From the moment I stepped into the space I felt so safe and

secure. Angie really created a warm and trustworthy space. I

feel honoured and humble about receiving all this womb

medicine and to bring that back home and share with the

women who feel the call. Beyond Magic! So grateful.


~ Anna VE Sweden

I really enjoyed the balance of theory and practical. Angie's

loving holding of space helped me to feel safe and drop deeply

into the womb work so I could learn the massage in a reassured

and sacred space. I felt so much love, holding and reassurance

over the last 3 days. Everyday was enjoyable and I have learnt

way more than I’d ever of imagined. The course was well

though out, prepared for and structured. I enjoyed every


~ Sam Ludley UK

Profound experience, loving energy in the class with Angie’s

teaching and guidance. Thank you.


~ AY Peng Ng Mayalsia



It was a deep and profound experience, as always. Such an

honour to learn from Angie. Thank you.


~ NM Glastonbury, UK

*felt really in depth

*felt truly nourishing and flowing with magic

* really enjoyed it all!

* very informative and helpful in my womb journey continuing

to open and unravel. Thank you.

~ Sofia Barnes, UK

Angie is a wonderful teacher, supportive and nurturing each

woman’s journey. Balancing healing and the learning

experience so that we all felt healed, heard and seen. I am

leaving the course feeling like this is something that I can do

well, that is so needed for all women at this time. Blessed be


~ Anna Saqqara Glastonbury, UK

I felt vulnerable in this course and the support has been

amazing. I have been able to process grief and old pain.

Regarding the teachings I enjoy the creative and intuitive part

of it as this is what I was longing for. Very happy with the whole

experience. Thanks.

~ C Spain

The way Angie guided us through the course felt very natural,

flowing and empowering. I feel inspired and excited to weave

this magic back into the world. Thank you so much!

~ Ellen London, UK

I really resonated with Angie’s style of teaching. It is very

flowing and responsive to the group’s energy but also being

structured with lots of great content being delivered in perfect

order. I really enjoyed the course and came away feeling ready

to practice this beautiful womb massage healing technique.


~ Claire K Glastonbury

£483 total cost, payment by installments on request. £100 secures your place once confirmed.
We are currently planning for this training to go ahead IN PERSON. If for any reason the venue is not open or the UK Government put us all back in lockdown, all deposits are non-refundable but maybe transferable to any re-scheduled date.

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