Shamanic Womb Healing Tuning Forks

Practitioners' CPD

 Facilitated by Angie Twydall

NEXT COURSE: 3rd, 4th, 5th November 2020

Goddess Hall, Glastonbury, £383

Includes attendance certificate issued by the

Sanctuary of Sophia

The womb is a spirit door, a winged gateway, a portal. In our living memory the

3rd eye has taken over as the main energetic centre. This polarises thoughts and

creativity, stopping our feminine lunar flow of intuition and trust.


There is a worldwide group of visionary men and women reclaiming

the womb as a healing chakra.

Once the womb opens the rest of the energy system flowers and blossoms. The

Womb Medicine Wheel, also known as the Womb Cross is the core foundation of

Shamanic Womb Healing Training. We will practice using uniquely calibrated 8

separate Womb Tuning Forks, and incorporating shamanic journeying, vibrational

healing and elemental alchemy.

During womb healing sessions with women Angie (the founder of this training)

noticed women were passing easily through the womb portal and were able to

harness the keys to healing through touch, sound, and release.

This is an exciting, intuitive way of working with clients and now for the first time

in the UK it is being shared. The deep sound healing accesses the layers of

somatic structure of the body bringing up layers of trauma memories and


When combined with Goddess Healing (based on the Healing Wheel of the

Goddess, founded by Angie Twydall) there is a map for therapists, but there is no

fix, like a mechanic with a car. When flowing with Goddess healing energy

everything opens up. As a therapist and healer your presence and intention

opens the gateways. This is taught by transmission on this course.

It is recommended you already have an anatomy and physiology qualification, or

have studied with Angie.

The skills taught will be additional to any massage and physical skills you already

have and are insured for. But you may also take this course for your own

personal development and womb healing.

Application Process

Via email:

Interviews will be carried out online via phone, Skype or zoom calls.

Places limited to 13 to ensure a magical blend of personal attention and group energetics.

3 day overview of course content

  • Benefits of Womb Healing with weighted and unweighted tuning forks

  • Womb Medicine Wheel Tuning forks – shamanic tools of resonance, application and use

  • Womb Medicine Wheel – also known as the Womb Cross, and its associations to the womb and yoni.

  • Elemental Alchemy – use of the elements in womb healing

  • Womb-heart breathwork – preparation with clients for deep process work

  • Sacred sounds of the Womb – toning to the yonic gateway’s as a key to healing

  • Pelvic Chalice – basic A&P

  • Goddess Healing – Attunement and transmission to the lineages from the

  • Temples of Isis in Egypt, Ixchel-Maya Medicine woman of childbirth and fertility

  • and the Ladies of the Lakes, the Magdalene.

  • Shamanic Journeying & Enchanted Storytelling

  • Guided visualisations – to deepen and access lunar consciousness, how to create

  • your own for use with clients

  • Trauma awareness – what to look for and how to help

  • 13th womb rite – group ceremony where you receive this ancient rite and transmission

  • Optional on-line support group after completion of training – a place for

  • supervision, peer support and exchange of ideas (additional fee may apply)



"I felt incredibly safe and held during the 3 days training. I loved the content of the course, as it included so much more than tuning forks (which was alot already).

So many great tips, it was reassuring for me to be with other therapists/Priestess Healers so there was a common thread. It felt like a proper CPD as it honoured everyone background and knowledge, it felt very inclusive.

Most of all I felt I had come "home" and i was exactly where I was meant to be.

Back with sisters who speak my language! Gratitude and blessings "

Daya Gold


"A deeply healing and transformational experience, thank you. I particularly loved the ceremony, healing teaching

and the coursebooks. the 13th Moon Rite was very powerful and I feel profoundly grateful to have witnessed

and been part of the training. A really held and safe space" 

S. Oldham


" This course has been an amazing awakening! Beautifully written and put together. Everyone is held and very well supported. The venue is beautiful. Angie is an amazing teacher and Minnie an amazing assistant.

The notes and booklet are full of helpful knowledge that Angie has shared with us all. Angie has shared with us

a blessing, to sit in circle learning, expanding our knowledge has felt like a homecoming. Sisters forever!"

M. Bonas







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