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Facilitator Training Intensive

online facilitator training guided by angie twydall

Completion Certificate issued on successful completion of the course from the Sanctuary of sophia.

The sanctuary of sophia threads cooperation and mutual support with the temple of avalon, glastonbury, uk.

 this course is recognised as an Interconnected Temple Teaching

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Attune to the presence and energetic awareness of your soul path.

Access and shine through your deep inner wisdom, creativity and discernment.

Learn how to develop your group skills and senses.

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artwork -
Natvienna powell

Learn how to help birth the fullest potential of others

Experience new insights, potential and discernment within yourself to lead from love and leaderfulness.


Balancing lunar & solar energies

Know thyself as a Seer, Liberator, Weaver, Coach, Birther or Illuminatrix 

Learn about shadow leadership styles and how to integrate your own

Become authentic and present.

Goddess Luminary Dedication Ceremony 2018-2020 taught by Dr Lynne Sedgemore. 2 year Luminary Leadership Programme, Glastonbury UK.

"To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try"

~ Rosa Parks


On this 3 day experiential intensive we will explore group leadership styles, empowerment and their shadows


Training overview includes​

  • Circle facilitation

  • Your relationship to power

  • Key qualities of a Luminary awakening facilitator

  • The power triangle

  • Speaking truth to power

  • Introducing spiritually informed practices and liberating processes

  • Helping to develop the whole person

  • How to respond and handle dissent and challenges

  • How to hold and facilitate inspiring events

  • How to create a magical container

We will be working together through examples, stories and theory from the Luminary Leadership training, with practical partner work and sharing.

This course is for you if:-

  1. You are ready to learn the gifts and shadows what authentic leadership really looks like.

  2. You enjoy learning in a group setting, interacting and adding your input.

  3. You are looking for practical tools and examples to use in your own groups

  4. You are open to change and ready to step into your power!

Click on link below for application form. Informal interviews via zoom.

Angie profile pic softlove.jpg

Angie Twydall
Luminary Leader


Drumming circles - same principles apply!

Support Group_edited.jpg

Support groups and healing circles need sensitive and awakened leadership

2018-07-10 21.33.15.jpg

Angie running large group  - Facilitator Retreat Training on Exmoor 

2018-02-08 15.08.08.jpg

Angie assisting in large group facilitation in Hawaii

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