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Womb Witch Bundle - Fire

Womb Witch Bundle - Fire


Exclusive Womb Witch Bundle by magical creatrix and Womb Witch, Angie Twydall.

Created for the Shamanic Way of the Womb online Apprenticeship and available to everyone!


Each moon I am making up specific Witch Bundles aligned with the Shamanic Womb Medicine Wheel. Most items are handcrafted by Angie, and others by selected Artisans who use as many natural products as possible.


The products will help you to focus on your connection to the element of Fire, the 5th Womb Gate on the shamanic Way of the Womb Medicine Wheel. Seated in your right ovary . The goodies in the witch bundle will help you set up an altar and create a devotional space, for one Moon or join us as we journey around the Shamanic Way of the Womb for a whole year and a day on the Shamanic Way of the Womb Apprenticeship. (applications are open again now for 2023/2024 link here)


🔥These witch bundles are themed with the 8 Womb Gates, and the focus is on self development, healing and connection. Perfect for anyone looking to develop their own learning and devotion to the lineages of Womb Priestesses, Womb Shamankas and Druidesses in the Pagan Goddess tradition.


🔥The Goddesses of Fire are honoured in this womb witch bundle. Helping you to connect to your womb fire, soul fire, your spark and fire nerergy!


Call upon her for creativity, passion courage and determination.


Items included in this months witch bundle are:-

Womb Witch 5th Womb Gate, Energy Spray 50ml in a blue glass bottle, handblended by Angie


I have carefully created a Womb Witch Energy Sprays for when you feel you need to be able to shift something energetically, when you feel your sacred sexuality and mothering needs support, and activation.


All products are safety tested and EU compliant. All products are made in a clear space with healing in mind. The main focus is for healing the feminine – physically and energetically, specialising in womb health, infertility and trauma. Combining ancient healing methods for today’s modern living.



Exmoor Spring Water, blended with the energies of essential oils for Carefully blended energetically at the Full Moon

Cautions: Pregnancy, High Blood Pressure


To use: Mist into the air around your body or personal space before any ceremony or altar work. May also be sprayed directly onto your hands prior to any healing practice.


Blended with the energetic qualities of the essential oils of Cajeput, Carrot, Coriander, Elemi, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Myrtle, Niouli, Palmarosa, Petitgrain.


Carefully blended energetically at the Full Moon to promote clearing, cleansing, moving forwards, balanced growth and action. This is a warming blend that improves transformation, power, self mastery, energy and activity. Welcome to the Goddess Of Fire!


Womb Witch Anointing Oil – 25ml in glass rollerball bottle handmade by Angie

This high quality range of products are handmade by Aromatherapist and Womb Priestess, Angie Twydall. They have been intuitively inspired and blended using essential oils chosen for their energetic qualities. They contain a transmission of energy for each different aspect of the Womb Gates on the Shamanic Womb Medicine Wheel


Ingredients: Sweet almond oil blended with energetics of pure essential oils . Carefully hand blended energetically at the Full Moon to promote balance with the energy of the colouryellow and orange.

To use:- Place 1-2 drops onto your wrists. Rub together and raise both to your nose, breathe in deeply. Anoint your 3rd eye, palms, soles of your feet, and your wombspace – or wherever guided. May be used for ritual and ceremony.


Cautions: Pregnancy, High Blood Pressure


A yellow or orange coloured mini taper candle Made by Starchild in Glastonbury

A Womb Witch altar card and envelope by artist Kat Shaw (images will vary according to stock availability)

A handrolled natural incense stick - Earth element by Avalon Sacred Incenses.

A yellow or orange wax seal with a honeybee imprint made by Angie and her granduaghter assistant womb witch Rosie!

A fire coloured crystal bracelet - made of small chips of brown hues of crystal and various natural colours

A small handmade orange or yellow goddess for devotional practice and holding

A crystal pyramid - to ehlp focus your power and energy


This is my 5th Womb Witch bundle  honouring the element of Fire. All items will be carefully packaged with love and attention

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