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T's & C's

Self-Responsibility and Self-care*

I confirm that I take full responsibility for my own health and Well-being at all levels, including health related decisions whilst I undertake this Pilgrimage.

I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the 2024 Crete Pilgrimage booking terms (these are currently the Sanctuary Refund and Cancellation Terms and may be updated and/or added to).


I have read the Pilgrimage Information, conditions and confirm that I will provide an application with information which is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


I hereby state that I, or any persons acting on my behalf, will not hold or claim against Angie Twydall or Katinka Soetens, the Sanctuary of Sophia Ltd, Her Path of Love Ltd, or any team members or guides, for any damages assumed or otherwise for any conditions, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or financial relating to my pilgrimage with them.

* While it is not a condition of booking on to the pilgrimage, we do strongly recommend that you take out all appropriate insurances and make necessary assurances and preparations - before commencing the pilgrimage. Including but not limited to Travel Insurance and Visas needed.

The organisers take no responsibility for you or your decisions and are not responsible or liable in any way for your health and well-being on any level.

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