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After many years of training womb healers I know the time is now right to empower other women to take the Shamanic Way of the Womb® out into the world.

I am honoured to witness Minnie, Claire, Rhia, Kiki and Luna embody the teachings with such love and compassion

 The legacy is in good hands.

Love Angie xxx

All Associate teachers are professionally trained and insured.

The Sanctuary of Sophia is an accredited Training Provider with the IPHM.

Each individual teacher is also accredited to teach The Sanctuary of Sophia CPD courses.


Claire porter

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Claire Porter, one of our Accredited Associate teachers at The Sanctuary of Sophia. Claire teaches our Womb Healing with Tuning Forks 3 day CPD course.

Claire is a holistic practitioner with a special focus on supporting women and their babies during the pre and postpartum period. Hailing from the picturesque peninsula of The Wirral, nestled between Liverpool, Chester, and North Wales, Claire brings her expertise in sound therapy, movement, yoga, and shamanic womb healing to create a nurturing environment for women's wellness.

At Mama Wellness, Claire's studio, she offers various services including baby massage classes and regular women's circles. These circles provide a safe space for women to connect with one another and explore their own personal journeys.

Claire's passion lies in helping every woman connect with her inner self and embrace her unique journey through life. Her holistic approach aims to empower women by providing them with the tools they need for physical and emotional well-being. 

Each Associate teacher has personally been invited to teach for the Sanctuary of Sophia. Claire has both the inner wisdom and passion to share the teachings held with sensitivity, love and integrity.
Claire brings her own personal skills and womb healing expertise to the Womb Healing with Tuning Forks CPD training.

In her own words....I wanted to share a personal story with you about my journey towards womb healing, as it has been a transformative experience for me.

In my 20s, I found myself working in a predominantly male-dominated environment, where the pressure to keep up and compete with the masculine energy was overwhelming. During this time, my body started sending me warning signs to slow down and listen. However, I had completely disconnected from myself, as questioning how I felt was seen as a weakness. Instead, I pushed myself twice as hard to prove that I could keep up.

Unfortunately, my body eventually reached its breaking point. I began experiencing constant bleeding, which led me to seek answers and understanding. It was then that I discovered the importance of womb healing and reconnecting with my feminine energy.

Womb healing allowed me to acknowledge and honor the wisdom of my body. Through various practices and therapies, I learned how to listen to its needs and create balance in my life. This process not only helped me heal physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

If you find yourself resonating with any part of my story or are curious about embarking on your own journey of womb healing, know that you are not alone.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon The Sanctuary of Sophia and was instantly captivated by the depth and wisdom of their work. I knew deep down that this journey would be transformative for me. When the timing aligned, I made the decision to embark on a journey to Glastonbury, where I had the privilege of training with Angie in womb healing using tuning forks, followed by Shamanic womb massage.
This journey was nothing short of extraordinary. The Shamanic Way of the Womb that Angie teaches has completely changed my life. It is not just a practice or technique; it has become an integral part of who I am. Every day, I weave this profound knowledge through my healing practices, sisterhood connections, and sacred circles.

The teachings and techniques imparted by Angie have allowed me to tap into the deep wisdom held within my own womb space. Through this work, I have experienced profound healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It has empowered me to embrace my femininity in its entirety and connect with the divine feminine energy that resides within all women.
I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformative experience that The Sanctuary of Sophia has provided me with. If you are seeking a path towards healing, self-discovery, and empowerment through connecting with your own sacred feminine essence, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring what The Sanctuary of Sophia has to offer.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like further information about my personal journey with The Sanctuary of Sophia.

Love Claire x

Rhia Pratsis

417056266_1295083491886445_6717036955679454219_n (1).jpg

I want to take a moment to introduce you to Rhia Pratsis, one of our Accredited Associate teachers at The Sanctuary of Sophia. Rhia teaches our 3 day CPD course in Shamanic Womb Massage.


In her own words...My journey of healing has been long and at times very challenging.

At 26 I was given an advanced pre-cancerous diagnosis which meant doctors wanted to remove parts of my vulva. I refused and healed myself with diet, therapy and listening to my body.

This journey then led me to heal myself of endometriosis, IBS, painful periods, pain during sex and a whole range of emotional patterns and dysfunctional behaviours that were causing a lot of trouble for me.

And yet a while back I found a lump on my cervix and all my fear came flooding back. And so, I went deep into my womb wisdom and I knew I had to incorporate womb massage to my life and work. It was then that I found The Sanctuary of Sophia and Angie's amazing womb wisdom. I immediately signed up for the womb massage training, which unlocked huge ancestral trauma and healing for me and in the evening of one of the course days, I was guided to touch myself in ways that unlocked a whole other level of personal and intergenerational healing.

It was utterly mind and body blowing. 

I wept like never before, like generations of trauma were pouring through me and my poor body had been begging me for years to find and release this pain.

This journey called on me to bring together everything I have been studying and using over the last 20 years.

It was an incredible combination of inner child healing, trauma release work, hypnotherapy, music therapy, massage and tantra work.

It was excruciating, exquisite and life changing. The lump dissolved, my womb health restored and the relationship to my womb is stronger than ever. I am eternally grateful for everything I have been blessed to learn on this journey.

Since then I have thrown myself into further studies and practice and I am committed to bringing this healing to as many women as possible. Women are so often told that nothing can be done to heal their conditions and that they will have to live their life with constant pain management and emotional distress, and they will have to learn to 'deal with it'.

This is simply not true.

The body must be included in our healing work. It holds all the answers, carries all the burden of our pain, and can unlock the most powerful forces of healing when we energise our life force and use touch to direct the energy to lovingly dissolve our troubles away.

Rhia is an Intuitive Healer, Trauma Therapist and Priestess specialising in embodied feminine wellness.

She uses womb and yoni awakening and healing practices that combines full body somatic healing, womb healing techniques, FreeMind trauma hypnotherapy, inner-child work, tantric practices and sexual healing.

She creates powerful rituals and rites of passage to do shadow work and to help women to be fully expressed, connected and alive in their body, mind and soul, and to come home to themselves.


Rhia also helps women with their complete birth journey from conscious conception to pregnancy to hypnobirthing and fourth trimester including womb wrapping and she is trained in a number of healing lineages including The Sanctuary of Sophia, The East Anglian Goddess Temple, Luna Womb Temple Arts, The School of Erotic Mysteries and FreeMind Therapy.

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Luna Simpson


Introducing Luna, one of our Accredited Associate teachers at The Sanctuary of Sophia. Luna teaches our 3 day CPD course in Womb Wrapping, Yoni Steaming and Sacred Anointing.

In her word words...I live in the beautiful Jurassic setting of Dorset.

I have a deep passion for holding safe, nurturing and relaxing spaces to assist people in self connection and self exploration. I have my authentic and intuitive approach to my practices.

When I left school I became a veterinary nurse. I loved it working with animals daily. But I was always missing making my potions. Fast forward a few years and I became a mum to my beautiful daughter Skye . I had no way of expressing who I was anymore. I loved being a mum but conforming to society’s expectations was heavy!

My life changed when we had a horse, Boodles. She was withdrawn, depressed and really hard to handle. There was a deep sadness in her eyes and we wanted her to feel safe and loved. We tried Reiki which not only transformed Boodles but it helped transform me so much. I started to study reiki. Slowly I found the pieces of myself that had been held back for so many years.

I went on to learn other holistic therapies and opened my own holistic business. I became a Reiki teacher, then a Yoga teacher. Through yoga, I fell in love with my body again and all of its hidden magic. But I had some deep seated womb traumas that were stuck.

My womb journey started with being so very disconnected from her right  from my first moon cycle I hated this painful right of passage the extended and heavy bleed time the debilitating pain that went with each cycle that passed and just being told that was how it was now and I’d get used to it. 


I then spent years struggling to fall pregnant and to hold a baby in my womb space feeling worthless and  not enough of a woman with each journey that ended in grief I was given the diagnosis of PCOS and Endometriosis and told I’d be lucky to conceive but I was young so not to worry eventually I managed to birth my beautiful daughter into the world.


The Endometriosis has been an almost constant painful companion until I started working on connecting with my womb on a deeper level on healing and releasing all that she has had to endure and hold. I now honour my moon time  and making a ceremony of each bleed I have left as I’m peri menopausal I don’t know when this powerful flow will cease. 

I stepped into the shamanic world which felt like coming home. I love the ceremony, the ritual, the holding space, the raw deepness that could be touched when holding these circles and the deep gratitude to nature, animals and our beautiful mama Gaia.


I went onto qualify many different modalities and specialise in:-

Reiki Master and Teacher, Traditional  & Advanced Thai yoga massage

Circle facilitation (cpd), Womb wrapping , yoni steaming, sacred anointing

Shamanic Womb massage

Whilst working my way through my womb trauma both ancestral, and this lifetime I stumbled upon The Sanctuary of Sophia. Angie’s wonderful teachings aligned and I trained and later went onto assist on the Womb wrapping , Yoni steaming and Sacred anointing CPD training. Those 3 days were amazing more than I could have ever expected!

I was seen, I was heard, and I finally realised I was not alone.

I continued to study Shamanic Womb massage with Sanctuary of Sophia and weave that in with my therapies.

It is with so much gratitude that I look forward to delivering the magical Sanctuary of Sophia’s Womb wrapping, Yoni Steaming and Sacred anointing 3 day CPD teachings.


Kiki Watkin


Introducing Kiki, one of our Accredited Associate teachers at The Sanctuary of Sophia. 

Kiki teaches our 3 day CPD course in Shamanic Womb Massage.


In her own words....My name is Kiki Watkin and I live in Bristol in the South West.


I am a shamanic womb massage healer, womb priestess, intuitive empath and facilitator of the Way of the Womb. I am also an intuitive massage therapist, reflexologist and aromatherapist.   I have worked with women for the last 20 years, for the last 8 years specialising in birth and postpartum helping women transition pre and post birth, a sacred time from maiden to mother, connecting them to their wombs, and their wisdom that their bodies hold.  My offerings for women are a blend of my knowledge and skills bringing embodied womb wisdom holding sacred space for women through rites of passage, helping women to connect to their womb, to their own portals of power, helping them connect to their own gnosis, to uncover and free the voice of their womb and begin the journey back home to themselves, connecting to each other and to the earth.  I have a deep love of the earth and it’s cycles, and goddess, and I have been instinctively guided by nature and listened to this all my life. 


My journey to womb healing was led by a instinctual knowing, a gut feeling, like most of my healing journey since my late twenties.   When I discovered womb healing my whole body said yes.  Womb healing helped me uncover and heal my deep grief, a deep womb loss that I struggled with for many years, a grief that I stuffed down, hid and disconnected from.  Over time, cultivating a connection with my womb opened a gateway, a portal into a deep discovery of self, helping me release long held wounds, a returning home, to my body, the earth, to its cycles, to sacred union.  It has freed my voice, a voice that had stayed silent for too long. Through developing a deeper connection with my womb and honouring her, I am sinking into a deeper connection with creativity, with nature, with life’s cycles. 


My passion is for all women to hear the call of their womb, to discover their own gnosis, to dig deep and uncover the gold, to cultivate this connection, to heal our trauma, both our own, ancestral and collective.  To come back to our truth and shine, and birth new worlds into creation.  The shamanic way of the womb has brought me home to myself and this is my deepest wish for all women.


I am very much looking forward to teaching and sharing with you the Shamanic Way of the Womb Massage training and help you connect to the power of your womb. Let’s birth a new world into creation.


Minnie Mulvey


Introducing Minnie, one of our Accredited Associate teachers at The Sanctuary of Sophia

Minnie teaches our 3 day CPD course in Crystal Healing for the Womb.


Minnie has been a Vibrational Therapy practitioner and teacher since 2003. Initially trained in Aurora Colour, Magnetic, Crystal, Sound Healing, since then she has built upon her knowledge of vibrational medicine and has begun developing her own courses based upon her experience. For several years she supported her family as a manager in their specialist crystal business which is where her professional knowledge of crystals developed very deeply, her personal journey with crystals started earlier in life.


Minnie journeyed for over 6 years as an apprentice, mentor and teacher in Womb Awakening, she has also assisted on Womb retreats and trainings run by Angie and Rod Twydall. Additionally.


Minnie has been qualified as a Medical Herbalist since 2008 with a degree in Western Herbal Medicine, a Jikiden Reiki practitioner since 2012, and a Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator since 2017. Mnnie has connected with the more subtle vibrational energies since very early in life,


Minnie had several profound soulful awakening experiences between the ages of 2 to 9 years old and began working with energy and collecting crystals as a child. Her experiences with crystal energy led to a ‘quantum’ re-awakening of crystalline knowledge for her through which her understanding of crystals deepened in profound ways.

Even with her spiritual experiences Minnie was deeply affected by significant challenges in early life which was a significant  aspect of her personal journey in terms of bringing her into the therapeutic world and on to the Womb pathway.


Minnie is called to share the wisdom of the crystalline realms in supporting the deepest/highest good of those who are on a healing journey with their Womb-space.

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