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Meet the Sanctuary Team


The Sanctuary of Sophia

Sanctuary  Of   Priestess  Healing  &  Intuitive  Arts

Here at the Sanctuary of Sophia we deeply wish to walk the path of love

beside you as sisters sharing wisdom as you journey to discover your own

inner power through...

  • Wisdom & Truth

  • Gateways to your Healing Path

  • Connection to the true roots of your beauty – with compassion & truth anointing your wounds with love

  • 13th womb rite 

  • Voice of the Goddess – utterances through the portal of the Womb 

  • ... And so much more 

Angie Twydall

Foundress, Teacher Trainer, Priestess Healer, Facilitator, Creatress And Holder Of Sacred Feminine Space.

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Rod Twydall

CO-Founder, Teacher Trainer,  Facilitator,Creator And Holder Of Sacred Masculine Space. 

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Minnie, Claire, Rhia, Kiki, Luna
Associate teachers

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Our Sister Site

The Bee temple

The Path of the Sacred Bee Priestess

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