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What is a name is this may's Full Moon? 


So many names this lunar full moon is know by :- like the Flower Moon, Bright Moon, Hare Moon. The energies of Mother Earth are rising to encourage growth, the sunlight days lengthen and the Moon shines Bright upon us.


Come join Angie Twydall for a guided meditation to the portal of your wombspace, to help yourself, the Cosmos and Mother Earth.

Let's help heal the world, one womb at a time.


Register via the Sanctuary website


Your zoom link will be emailed out to you once you have booked on and donated.


Suggested minimum donation from £7.50


All proceeds go into the Sanctuary Bursary fund.


This has been set up to help women who apply for discounted places as they are unable afford the full price of trainings or retreats.

I offer these once a year to single mums, low income countries, and disadvantaged, marginalised women.

Momentálně nemáte žádné události
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