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Background to Yoga

Angie's background in yoga started back in her 20's with being a yoga student. Yoga helped her through 2 pregnancies, a busy career and shift work, plus family illness. Yoga is such a leveler and can help if you are over stretched or full on energy! Yoga means union, and it really is between the body, mind and soul.

Angie trained originally in Iyengar style yoga, which focuses on precision and alignment. As life moved on with pregnancies and life transitions, Angie re-trained more into a relaxed and restorative style of yoga. As each life change happened she trained in it to help herself and others. Ante-natal yoga, pregnancy yoga, family yoga, menopause and womb yoga...phew its alot! 

Each yoga class, retreat and 1-1 yoga session is unique and draws upon what the group and individual needs are. This makes for a fun and relaxed environment to enjoy yoga.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Breathing Meditation

Weekly Yoga Class

Fridays at Lynton Town Hall

10am - 11.15am

Drop in £10 a session

£7 per class for 4 sessions booked in advance

Bring you own mat, or just ask in advance if you want to borrow one. A completed yoga health form is required before you start. Please message or email if you would like to join.

1-1 pregnancy, post natal and general yoga 

at your own home (if suitable) or at the Sanctuary.

sliding scale of fees from £40 per hour

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