A.O. ~ Kent

"Angie has been a support in various ways since I’ve known her, been treated by and worked with her. She is a grounding force, that validates whilst assisting one explore the boundaries of bee-ing! She is blessed with humour, generosity, a light heart and full of depth. A lover of nature, professor of ancient wisdom she is grounded in modern times. If you get a chance to align with this lady, take it."

A.S.P. ~ Glastonbury

"Angie Twydall is a very good and sensitive healer. She has alot of experience and wisdom that combines to create tailor made healings that are completely tuned into the clients needs !

As a Teacher she is clear and compassionate combing her many skills and unique knowledge to create teachings that combine ancient wisdom and modern needs of students and wisdom

seekers . I fully recommend her classes and therapy sessions to anyone truly wanted a soul based authentic approach ."

S.I.J. ~ Wales

"Dear Angie, just wanted to say thank you for having me at the workshop I really enjoyed the whole experience, it was such a beautiful loving space you held that I could safely drop into my self where deep tears of healing flowed, It is so needed now for women to come together uniting in truth and love, You are a beautiful powerful woman and this truly flowed out of you in the workshop, You have such a gift and so much wisdom to share. Your love and compassion for each of us on our healing path was truly weaved into the workshop space. I felt truly supported as we stood together hand in hand. We stand as one web thank you for holding this space for healing magic to unfold."

"I’ve now had two womb massages. After the first, my period was so much less painful and really prompt. I was able to do everyday things which I haven’t been able to do for years, I would normally be curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. After the second my period again, was less painful and much more manageable. The massages have enabled me to be able to regain a normal life throughout the monthly cycle. Angie also took me on a journey emotionally to join up with my womb area as I had lost touch with it due to operations and traumatic events. I’m feeling 100% better and cant wait for my next one!!!" 


"I came to Angie for Abdominal-Sacral massage for help with my Crohn's Disease. Angie provided a  very special and intuitive environment that allowed me to connect to questions about what my body needed. As well as this, I came away with an abdominal self massaging technique that I can use every day at home. The world needs more people with a sensibility and ability like Angie Twydall!"