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Exclusive Mother Goddess Box

Exclusive Mother Goddess Box


Exclusive Goddess Box – Mother Goddesses of Abundance


Available each month you will receive specially selected Goddess items, handcrafted by selected Artisans who use natural products.


The products will help you to focus on celebrating Goddess around the Healing Wheel of Goddess. The goodies in the Goddess box will help you set up an altar and create a devotional space, for one Sabbat or join us as we journey around the Healing Wheel of Goddess for a whole year.


💐These Goddess boxes are themed with the Healing Wheel of Goddess, and the focus is on self development, healing and connection. Perfect for anyone looking to develop their own learning and devotion in the Celtic Goddess tradition.


This summer month of August, we are focussing on the season of high summer, which sits in the South West of the Celtic Pagan Goddess Wheel of the year. This time is associated with unconditional love, holding, mothering, support.


Items included in this months Goddess Box are:-

Ker , Mother Goddess Energy Spray 50ml in a blue glass bottle, handblended by Angie


I have carefully created Goddess Energy Sprays for when you feel you need to be able to shift something energetically, when you feel at a crossroads in your life.


All products are safety tested and EU compliant. All products are made in a clear space with healing in mind. The main focus is for healing the feminine – physically and energetically, specialising in womb health, infertility and trauma. Combining ancient healing methods for today’s modern living.


Call upon the Mother Goddess Ker for unconditional love, holding, mothering, support.


Celebrating The Mother energies in this spray. Essential oils chosen to enhance abundance and nurturing. For when times are hard and you need to be held.


Sacred Herbal Goddess Incense – 1 stick that burns for 30-45 minutes, you can also use the herbs from the stick to grind down into a powder for therapeutic use. The incense is handmade, pure with natural ingredients - flowers, herbs and oils. Created by Avalon Sacred Herbal Incense.


Womb Clay Pack - Used for healing, detox, fertility, unblocking, purification, releasing shame from sexual past, Yoni clay packs are a natural healing way to detox and nourish your womb. Herbs are added for healing and support.


This clay and herbal blend helps to focus on opening the sacral chakra and is a natural way of healing your womb. It absorbs toxins and is recommended for heavy bleeding, PMS, and bloating.  When carried out in sacred space it helps connect to spirit, and a visionary state.


Full instruction leaflet, muslin strips and pot of dry, powdered clay and herbs.

Ingredients total 50g  

Please note packaging may vary depending of suppliers availability.  Images are a guide only.  Clay contents weight and instruction leaflet as stated.


A Mother Goddess card and envelope by artist Tiana Art


A palm sized gold clay Goddess to place on your altar or hold in your hand.


A mini-yellow taper candle (holder not included)


All items will be carefully packaged with love and attention. Please note the postal charges will vary as some gift box contents change over the year and are heavier than others. All sent internationally tracked.



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