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Bee Oracle Deck

Bee Oracle Deck


Welcome Bee loving souls!


Come buzz into the Hive and experience the messages of the honeybee:- from the Queen of the Hive, the Drone, the Melissae and the nymphs. Learn from the laws of nature journeying with the sting, messages of sacred sound and spirals., as well as the shadows of the Hive. This Bee Oracle deck is an insight into the messages of the Bee. It is an inspired deck of beauty, and abundance lovingly created and motivated by time spent with my own bees and also in meditation with them.


This Bee Oracle deck is for anyone who connects to the honeybee, anyone seeking to know more!


All Oracles, Healers, Witches, Priestesses and Druidesses….All oracles who love to open to new messages and deck layouts. Welcome!


The Bee oracle deck is a channelled creation by Angie Twydall and includes extracts from her novel “Musings of a Sacred Bee Priestess”


Natvienna Hanell (Natvienna Powell) brings Angie’s visions through her artwork, weaving meaning and visual impact into the deck.


There is a dedicated facebook group “The Bee Oracle Deck” set up to inspire and share the meanings and layouts. You are welcome to join.


The Bee Oracle Deck is made up of:-


  • Magnetic closure box with full colour printing
  • 23 full colour hexagonal cards printed front and back
  • 400gsm artboard hexagonal cards edged with gold foil
  • Booklet full colour on 170 gsm gloss art paper


Limited edition!


May the bees bring blessings into your life,


Love Angie xxx


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