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Bee Keeping for Beginners – Online Course

Bee Keeping for Beginners – Online Course

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Bee Keeping for Beginners – Online Course

In this course I will take you through the basics of bee keeping, sharing my story and experiences as we go.

You can help make a difference to Mother Earth, for your family, children and the next generations to come.

Learning Basic Bee Keeping online course leads you to discover the basics of bee keeping so that you can help the bees to flourish and live naturally alongside all of nature.

In this video, Angie shares the story of her bee keeping times and how she has passed this onto others, developing a special communication channel with the bees. Full details of the course below.


“Keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.” HD Thoreau


This Bee Keeping for Beginners online course is for anyone who wants to:-

Experience a basic understanding of the hives, the bees and what they get upto!
Feel good in knowing you can make a difference, helping the natural world
Unlock the mysteries of the Hive
Discover new possibilities as a hobby and maybe a new career as a bee keeper
Explore what you have been drawn to learn more about
Break through any fears around bee keeping
Value yourself and what you love
Talk openly and be able to ask questions as you learn

How my online Bee Keeping for Beginners course works:-
This initial online course starts with the basics. There are six modules providing an overview in bee education. I use many different types of learning styles to help you engage and not be bored! There are audios, video links as well as reflections.

This is a structured course giving you my experiential bee knowledge over many years as a bee keeper. I offer support for you to understand how bees live as a Hive, and how to get started as a beginner if you choose to “keep” bees.

Each of the six modules are delivered online via my website so that you go through them in your own time and at your own pace. 


Each module includes:

Step by step lessons to progress through, including guided audio
Inspiring suggested additional resources
Journal questions for reflection and deeper understanding

A recorded themed video session from Angie Twydall 


Course Outline

Section 1: Why Keep Honeybees? Angie’s Story so far…
Lesson 1 Overview and Introduction
Lesson 2 Why keep Bees?


Section 2 Hive equipment..and what to wear!
Lesson 1 What Type of Hives are there?
Lesson 2 What are frames and feeders?
Lesson 3 Hive Tools & Bee Protection Equipment!


Section 3 How to begin Bee Keeping!
Lesson 1 Selecting a suitable site
Lesson 2 What Bee’s need..Water, Forage, and Pollen
Lesson 3 The Bee Keeping Year


Section 4 Types of the Honey bee
Lesson 1 Anatomy of the HoneyBee
Lesson 2 Bee Types – Queen, Drone and Worker
Lesson 3 Stings! Bees and Wasps


Section 5 Products of the Hive
Lesson 1 Honey
Lesson 2 Beeswax

Lesson 3 Propalis and Pollen

Bonus gift

Section 6 What’s Next?

Lesson 1 Introduction to Sacred Bee Priestess Training

Lesson 2 Introduction to Messages of the Bee Oracle Training

To purchase the course go to the shop section and pay via Paypal.



Your booking on the course is only confirmed when payment is received.

The full fee is due before you receive the course materials unless a specific payment plan has been agreed.

There are no refunds as full description of the course content and structure is provided. If you have any questions before you purchase the course, do get in touch with Angie

Once completed you can apply to progress onto the Messages of the Bee Oracle Training and the pioneering Sacred Bee Priestess course….Thank you for your interest.


Let’s help save the natural world one bee at a time,

Love Angie xxx

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