Teacher & Facilitator

Minnie has been practising Vibrational Therapy with sound, crystals, colour and magnetics, for 16 years and has been a Medical Herbalist for over 10 years. Since 2012 her personal and professional journey has deepened into conscious embodiment practices including energy work with Jikiden Reiki and working with 'endocrine alchemy' in Womb & Hara Awakening. In 2017 she also added Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation to her offerings.

Minnie has most recently added the specialist area of Womb tuning fork therapy to her understanding and modalities.

Bringing together the inspiration and wisdom of the ancient healing arts and the modern science of natural medicine

and complementary therapy is something that Minnie is truly passionate about, she continues to enrich her knowledge for herself and the benefit of her clients.

Minnie is devoted to developing herself as a person as well as a practitioner, facilitator and teacher. She endeavours always to bring understanding, patience, compassion and empathy into her therapeutic practice.


Minnie has been walking the path of love since the earliest times in her life, she has a deep soulful connection with ancient lineages including Lemuria, the Rose lineage & the Crystalline realms.


Minnie's passion and joy are in the support and empowerment of others to deepen into their own embodiment, awakening, awareness and beauty, uniting their inner feminine and masculine, opening to the light of divine love

within and reaching inner sacred union.

Minnie is also a Luminary Melissae for the Sanctuary of Sophia who brings her service in love as a visionary web creatress and support admin when called upon.






Email: info@sanctuaryofsophia.co.uk 

Location: United Kingdom 

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