Sacntuary Guest Teacher of IPD, CPD & Facilitator Training

Minnie Mulvey BSc(hons), MNIMH, AMCSPT, Dip. Chakra Dancing

Minnie is the founder of Rose Lotus, she has been facilitating and teaching Vibrational Therapy since 2003 and has been a Medical Herbalist since 2008. 


From 2012 her personal and professional journey deepened into conscious embodiment practices including energy work with Jikiden Reiki and working with 'endocrine & elemental alchemy' in Womb & Hara Awakening and Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation.

Minnie spent several years deepening her knowledge of the Womb & Hara pathways as an apprentice, mentor and then as facilitator.


Minnie has recently created her own course in 'Crystal Therapy for the Womb' which will launch n 2020/21.

She plans to bring other specialist courses into being in the future and is currently working

on a number of books based in complementary well-being and embodied spirituality.

Minnie is devoted to developing herself as a person as well as a practitioner, facilitator and teacher. She endeavours always to bring compassion and empathy into her therapeutic practice.

Bringing together the inspiration and wisdom of the ancient healing arts and the modern science of natural medicine and complementary therapy is something that Minnie is deeply passionate about, she continues to enrich her knowledge for herself and the benefit of her clients.

Minnie also supports Angie & Rod in some course planning and administrative creative work so you may get to speak with her as part of the Sanctuary team. 






Email: info@sanctuaryofsophia.co.uk 

Location: United Kingdom 

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