Introduction to the Path of the Priestess Healer

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This online course is designed to take complete beginners through the preparatory stages on the Path of the Priestess Healer.

As your healing skills develop, you are encouraged to practice on family and friends.

This course is an solid introduction to Goddess Healing and for anyone wishing to continue onto the one year online course, Path of the Priestess Healer (starting Feb.2021)

Teaching is online via zoom, interactive sessions, pdfs, and coursework.

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Sunday October 11th 2020

4-6pm UK time
Module 1 - Healing through the Ages
Systems of the Body
Stress - causes and effects
Creating sacred space
Setting up an altar

Sunday November 8th

4-6pm UK time
Module 2 - Our invisible body - auras and chakras
Goddess breathwork practices
Becoming a channel for healing
Meditation tools and techniques for support and

Sunday December 6th

4-6pm UK time
Module 3 - Sending and receiving Goddess healing
Distant healing
Goddess Healing in the Cosmic Plan

Sunday 10th January 2020

4-6pm UK time
Module 4 - Cycles and rhythms
Attunements and transmissions
Symbols and Glyphs

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Cost is £99 payable either by installments before the course starts, or in full. No refunds once the 1st module course materials have been shared.


To apply email date for applications 9th October 2020