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Come discover the Intuitive Arts of the Priestess Healer lineages  
Wednesday 2nd to Thursday 10th June 2021
Dunderry Park, Ireland

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You are invited to join us on a 9 day Immersion Retreat in Ireland.

This is intensive healing combined with shamanic journeying into the Old Ways.

Set amongst the rolling green hills of Ireland we can easily connect to all the elements, the Fae, the Goddesses of the land, the Cailleach, Morgan le Fey.

Dunderry Park is situated in the heart of historic County Meath, close to the ancient sacred sites of Tara, Newgrange and Loughcrew. The house a 200 year old Georgian residence completely restored, is surrounded by 25 acres of wooded parkland and a lake.









 Dunderry Park our workshop main room for teaching         Dunderry Park our residential training venue


Priestess Healer Immersion Training

The Path of the Priestess Healer provides you with the skills to deeply enter this ancient and re-claimed lineage.

‘Know thyself’ and ‘Be the change you want to see’ are the course mantras.

The content flows around 9 powerful aspects on the Healing Wheel of Goddess.
Each of the training days is a magical brew of taught information, direct experiences of healing, use of the elements, working on core personal and collective wounds.

Sanctuary of Sophia Priestess Healer Certification enables you to weave sacred Priestess Healer into your own vocation along with other healing arts.

Upon finishing will be presented with a Certificate of Completion by the Sanctuary of Sophia to weave this work into your own offerings for groups and individuals.


This Priestess Healer Immersion will include:

∞ Full instruction and guidance on The Healing Wheel of Goddess, broken down into a daily       aspects to work with and experience. 
∞ Evening Shamanic Ceremonies - experiential, unique including the 13th womb rite
∞ Deep emotional release work - working around the Healing Wheel archetypes of maiden, lover,     mother and crone.
∞ Core Wound Healing & Grief Ceremonies
∞ Pilgrimage through the 8 Keys on the Healing Wheel of Goddess
∞ Body-Prayers, Invocations, Calling in and altar work
∞ Giving and receiving healing sessions 

∞ Seed sounds for healing from the Temple of Isis, Ixchel and Mary Magdalene 
∞ Releasing Fire ceremony 

∞ Q&A Sessions and a Supportive Environment to Empower Your Own Sacred Vocation.

∞ One day out on the land connecting to Sacred Sites guided by a local Druid/Priestess

During this in-person retreat we invite you to embrace tools and techniques to assist others in their personal healing journey. What you experience in this deep immersion gives you the tools to run Priestess Healer 1-1 session, Grief Rituals, Sacred Sounding Workshops, Elemental Alchemy Healing Workshops, Moon Circles and more.

This retreat is facilitated by Sanctuary of Sophia’s co-founders and teacher trainers Angie & Rod Twydall.

In addition, you will be supported by other assistants who will help to hold the safe and beautiful energetic container.














Priestess Healer Training Altar         ∞The Healing Wheel of Goddess Logo ∞   The Healing Flame of Goddess

This retreat is open to those over 18 years old on this sacred pathway. 

∞ Individuals and couples are welcomed.

∞ Everyone has the ability to heal, and be healed. We are all the wounded healer.

∞ If you feel the calling of your Heart and Soul to this retreat please get in touch.

Application Process, to inquire and book please use the form below: 

∞ Priestess Healer application in word doc.

∞ Please feel welcome to email us if you have questions.

∞ Upon receipt of your completed application form, Angie will evaluate your form and be in touch     with you so an informal interview can be scheduled.

∞ Upon acceptance you will be asked to pay the £565 deposit.

∞ Cancellations Policy PLEASE READ this important page of our terms before booking. 
∞ Fee includes all tuition, shared accommodation with some en suite bathrooms.

∞ All quality vegetarian meals (3 per day), all hot and cold drinks.

∞ One day at sacred sites with professional local tour guide.

∞ Fee does not included travel costs, transfers, extra spending money. Please take out cancellation     insurance.

∞ Total Cost £1690 per person.

∞ Monthly payment plans available, just ask!


Angie's Ceremonial Healing Drum       Angie Twydall your Facilitator        Priestess Healers trained by Angie

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Blessed Be!
See you on the Emerald Isle.

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