1-2-1 Tailored Retreats

Our Bespoke Healing Retreats

Watersmeet on Exmoor perfect for rambling and being in nature

Sanctuary of Sophia the rolling countryside across the valley from us. We often see deer on this hill.

We know how much stress everyone is holding, in the energy field, in the body and in the mind.

This is effecting how we all sleep, function on a daily basis and work.

Going on retreat is a time to cocoon, so you re-emerge to carry on with new lightness and energy for life.

Wild deer on Exmoor - a magical experience to see them!

Taking time out and away from your usual routine is vital, especially now when we are all having to adapt to different ways of living and working.

Lynmouth beach is only 10 minutes away



Bespoke Healing Retreats at the Sanctuary

Not everyone is the same, not everyone unwinds or relaxes in the same way.

Do you want to have deep process work? or just a relaxing treatment?

Do you want time away to really dive into your core wounds - to help with any of lifes transitions - grief, divorce, seperation?

We have the skills and time to devote to you and your bespoke retreat.


We are offering 1-3 day mini-retreats on Exmoor

Personalised to include any of the following:-

Yoga 1-1 offering pregnancy, antenatal, postnatal, beginners and those with their own practice a

Specializing in womb yoga - essential to incorporate on any womb healing journey


1-1 treatments onsite in our own Healing Temple - massage, bowen therapy, reflexology, healing, wide range of specilist treatments for womb healing (yoni steams, womb clay packs, womb healing with tuning forks)


Guided walks on the moors - we have alot of sacred sites not filled with tourists!

Oracle Readings - using Angie's own Bee Oracle Deck or other decks of your choice that we have, and we have quite a few!

Meditation - join in for the 1st time and explore the many different ways to meditate. One particular meditation practice could be the key to help you.

Guided journeys - Angie uses drum and sacred sounds to help take you on shamanic journeys for healing.

Personalised product making - Angie is also a sacred aromatherapist, a Myrhophore (Priestess of the Sacred Anointing Oils) and natural product creator. Mixed with using Priestessing skills you will take home products such as massage oils, anointing oils, energy sprays, ritual balms salts, salves and balms to help heal and extend your retreat experience when your return home.

Our aim to to really weave together exactly what you need!








Costs - Starting price for 1 day is £75 plus your chosen treatments and outdoor activities.

Prices for 1-1 sessions range from £40-£60 per hour

We suggest you do not have more than 2 treatment sessions a day.

Suggested Retreat Day

Breakfast - self catered for or in your BnB/hotel locally

09.30am Morning yoga with Angie at the Sanctuary, outside if weather is kind!

OR a morning guided walk by the sea or on the moors

11.00am smoothie/juice freshly prepared from local organic produce

11.30am One hour treatment of your choice

12.30-2.30pm Free time to siesta/rest/journal

2.30pm-4.30pm Two hour treatment session of your choice

followed by afternoon herbal tea and energy boost balls.

7.00pm Meditation/sharing/journeywork/sound healing using drums, tattles, koshi chines or singing bowls.

8.00pm - Close of day - dreamtime!

Sounds intriguing? 

Message me for an chat and let's help you to have some magical time away just for you








You will be helped to find suitable accommodation either wild camping with us! or locally in one of the many hotels, BnB's or self-catering lodges.

There is a lot of choice within a 10 minute drive.

Angie specialises in womb healing - shamanic womb massage, tuning forks and process work.

Womb blessings, Priestess blessings, 13th womb rite can be weaved into your retreat sessions.

Personalised energy sprays made for your healing.

Beauty all around us.

Our firepit for drumming, ceremony and communing!






Online offerings -Womb Inspiration Sessions

 Booking now! Call Angie on 01598 753525, email or send me a message from the website.


Online Womb Illumination Sessions

1-2-1 sessions £60 per hour / £150 for 3 one hour sessions / £250 for 5 one hour sessions


Angie guides you into your own intuitive knowing, to access your own inner womb wisdom.


In her sessions you will experience a weave of Goddess gnosis, archetypes, elemental alchemy and lunar moon softening

to help you know yourself better and illuminate you on your womb healing journey.

Birth yourself into the fullest potential of who you truly are!

​Visit: www.sanctuaryofthewomb.co.uk

Womb Journeying Sessions

Online Sessions

Perhaps you are on your own Womb Awakening pathway and you are looking for someone to hold space for your process, someone who is there with a supportive and nurturing essence, who can listen and also share their wisdom where appropriate.

Online mentoring is ideal for those who are one their own Womb Healing journey and feel the need of sisterly support.


Mentor-Sister sessions may involve guided journeys, exploration of your womb healing journey and guidance on self-nurture as well as the opportunity to talk about your own womb journey.


In Person Facilitated Sessions

These sessions are individually tailored to your unique journey and may involve womb-breath-work, shamanic journeying, body movement and prayers as well as other nurturing feminine practices. 

In person sessions are wonderful if you are wishing to work one to one with a facilitator. You may already be on your own womb healing journey, but sometimes it helps to have a session with a facilitator who can hold a safe container as you work with deepening embodying practices. 

Financial exchange for in person sessions starts from £65 for an hour.

Session Availability

Please get in touch if you are interested in a session.

Online sessions available globally with Angie (No Exclusions)

In-Person Sessions available with Angie in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK and near Lynton, Exmoor, North Devon

Learn more about the wide range of therapies with Angie: www.sanctuaryofthewomb.co.uk






Email: info@sanctuaryofsophia.co.uk 

Location: United Kingdom 

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