1-2-1 Tailored Sessions

Womb Inspiration Sessions


Online Womb Illumination Sessions

1-2-1 sessions £60 per hour / £150 for 3 one hour sessions / £250 for 5 one hour sessions


Angie guides you into your own intuitive knowing, to access your own inner womb wisdom.


In her sessions you will experience a weave of Goddess gnosis, archetypes, elemental alchemy and lunar moon softening

to help you know yourself better and illuminate you on your womb healing journey.

Birth yourself into the fullest potential of who you truly are!

​Visit: www.sanctuaryofthewomb.co.uk

Womb Journeying Sessions

Online Sessions

Perhaps you are on your own Womb Awakening pathway and you are looking for someone to hold space for your process, someone who is there with a supportive and nurturing essence, who can listen and also share their wisdom where appropriate.

Online mentoring is ideal for those who are one their own Womb Healing journey and feel the need of sisterly support.


Mentor-Sister sessions may involve guided journeys, exploration of your womb healing journey and guidance on self-nurture as well as the opportunity to talk about your own womb journey.


In Person Facilitated Sessions

These sessions are individually tailored to your unique journey and may involve womb-breath-work, shamanic journeying, body movement and prayers as well as other nurturing feminine practices. 

In person sessions are wonderful if you are wishing to work one to one with a facilitator. You may already be on your own womb healing journey, but sometimes it helps to have a session with a facilitator who can hold a safe container as you work with deepening embodying practices. 

Financial exchange for in person sessions starts from £65 for an hour.

Session Availability

Please get in touch if you are interested in a session.

Online sessions available globally with Angie (No Exclusions)

In-Person Sessions available with Angie in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK and near Lynton, Exmoor, North Devon

Connect with Angie: www.sanctuaryofthewomb.co.uk






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