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Welcome to our Sanctuary


how connected are you to the land?

to nature, to the cycles of the moon and tides?

here on exmoor (North devon, england) we live daily with the 4 elements of air, fire water and earth.

We can have 4 seasons in one day!

it is unspolit, wild, rural and primordially ancient. we love it!

We all need an outlet, a way to let go of any negative energy and stress. That’s why we created our Sanctuary, so everybody has a place to return to self-exploration, self-discovery.


Come on your healing journey with skilled, caring therapists.


 Angie & Rod Twydall are both specialist healing therapists, offer residential & non-residential training, personalised retreats, shamanic way of the womb and hara awakening workshops.

everything we share is based on our direct experience as students ourselves from many different teachers worldwide.

We offer a shared Sanctuary for healing - hands on therapies, energetic and shamanic practices, ceremonies and emotional release work.

We have over 5 acres of moorland, woodland, natural streams, brooks, ponds, a firepit and untouched nature. We are based on Exmoor National Park, southwest england.

This is a place to just be, to find your centre, to come back to yourself.

We also have our honeybees!

Life is a quest for love and peace, a search for life/work balance,

a yearning for authentic relationships and meaningful community.


The unknown is where you dare to enter...


welcome to our sanctuary

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