Sanctuary of Sophia

Together we are re-birthing a new wave of Moon Temples across Gaia, Mother Earth.

The frequency of the Sacred Feminine, Goddess in Her many forms is being

nurtured and re-claimed.

At the Sanctuary of Sophia, we attune to the lineages of Isis from the Temples of Egypt,

the Mayan Temples of Ixchel and the Magdalene. We flow with the energies of

transformation, healing, and love.

“May I birth for Gaia; May I birth for all women for their healing”


The Sanctuary of Sophia is open

Founders Angie & Rod Twydall, bring you residential & non-residential training, retreats, workshops and courses based on their direct experiences and teachings.


They are Seekers of Truth, way showers who have travelled together through

illness, pain and deep core wounding’s.


Life is a quest for love and peace, a search for life/work balance,

a yearning for authentic relationships and meaningful community.

Over the last year truth speaking & wisdom sharing has been vital, and the urge 

to share the visions, whispers and downloads has become insistent.


The Divine guidance has a voice, a name...it is Sophia,

Goddess of Wisdom.

"...and you who seek to know Me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not,

unless you know the Mystery; for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will

never find without.”

~ Excerpt from the Charge of the Goddess adapted

version by Starhawk. 


The unknown is where you dare to enter...



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